Armari Bedrooms

Frequently asked questions...


Here you will find a number of frequently asked questions.

What are your opening hours?
Monday - Sat 9-00am to 8pm

Can you offer unique design services?
Yes is the simple answer, we go beyond just designing, we can also advise you.

Can I buy the furniture from you and get someone else to fit it?
We have great experience and the best sources. We can source and supply you with any bit of furniture you require.

Have you had a problem with fitting standard units into your space?
You can save time by consulting us and get a customised solution designed for you.

Do you find off the shelf furniture from major retailers, does not solve your problem?
We offer a unique solution, great workmanship and design which you cannot find from major retailers.


As you ask more and more questions, we will update this section. In the meantime if we have not answered a particular query, please use the contact feed back form.




Our Services....


Fitting Service
We are based in Enfield, London and will fit your kitchens, bedrooms and furniture, even if you have bought them from elsewhere.

FREE Consultancy Service
We'll come in, measure up, price up and best of all it's FREE with no obligation!

Preparation Service
We will come prior to your fitters and prepare your bedroom or kitchen by taking out existing furniture, plan and install new power points, plumbing and fix walls etc, please ask for more details.

Contact Details...

A: By Appointment Only...

07956 442 192